Welcome To Your Library Co-ordinator: Helen Carpenter

Helen is based at the London Libraries Development Agency. She has a degree in modern languages and is a qualified librarian. She has worked in public libraries and in the library of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

For the last 20 years her work has mainly involved cultural regeneration and sustainable tourism. Based in the voluntary sector or undertaking work through her company, Urban Explorers, she has worked closely with local authorities. She is interested in innovation and processes that are a catalyst for change.

Helen sees her role as linking people together across different sectors so participants see their role in a bigger picture. The most satisfying thing is watching highly creative and pioneering work develop as a result, and showing how it has a positive impact on people's lives.

Contact details

Project Co-ordinator
Welcome To Your Library
London Libraries Development Agency
35 St Martin's Lane
London WC2H 7HP

E firstname.surname@llda.org.uk
T 020 7641 5269 (direct line)
T 020 641 5266 (general number and fax)

Networker for The Network: John Vincent

John has worked in the public sector, primarily in public libraries, since the 1960s.

He is now the Networker for The Network – tackling social exclusion in libraries, museums, archives and galleries. The Network links libraries, museums, archives and other organisations and individuals who are working to tackle social exclusion, and produces a monthly newsletter, runs training courses, and delivers projects (including work with libraries working with looked-after children and Welcome To Your Library).

John is particularly interested in the development of work around equalities and diversity, and is excited by the idea of helping link public libraries (and museums and archives) with excluded communities.

Contact details

john@nadder.org.ukT/F 0845 128 4897


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