We will connect public libraries and refugee communities to nurture learning, well-being and a sense of belonging for all.

We will achieve this through:

Participation of refugee communities throughout the work.

Partnerships to raise awareness and increase library use.

Confident, trained library staff.

Sharing good practice based on evidence.

Advocacy for public library work with refugees and asylum seekers.

Our values

Collaboration and consideration

We will work co-operatively, and enable refugee community organisations locally, regionally and nationally to play a central role in this project

We will give and ask for support, involve and listen to refugee communities and other partners, show empathy and share success.


We will be open, honest, trustworthy and straightforward in what we do, and use time, money and resources wisely.


We will value everyone for their contribution, irrespective of differences.

We will seek to create environments where everyone feels they can express themselves. 

We will provide equal access to opportunities and challenge any form of discrimination.

Quality and leadership

We will deliver what we commit to and ensure clear and consistent communication with all partners, participants and stakeholders.

We will consult and ask for feedback to evaluate what we do, and use this constructively to meet and exceed needs and standards and achieve positive change.

We will use lessons learnt to provide leadership in the library sector in this area of work.


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